What's in store?

We love Qigong. That's why we were inspired to create Qigong themed products to share with you. We have five unique collections - each reflecting it's own feel and identity. Take a look here: What's in store?

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Huángdì gùshì (The Tale of the Yellow Emperor)

ˈklasik (經典的)

blo͞om (花開)

Hùn Yuánqì Therapy

Qigong Kids (孩子们)

ˈkəltəˌvāt (樹)

Zhineng Qigong Student's Hub

The Qigong Fashion Store is brought to you by the world's largest resource centre for Zhineng Qigong for students and the interested public.

The Zhineng Qigong Student's Hub has been designed to help you find your local teacher, relevant workshops and trainings worldwide and provide you with the necessary support to achieve your goals in health and wellbeing.

Visit our Hub here to see what we have to offer!


Why Qigong Fashion?

Want to share the Qi?

Our products would make the perfect gifts for anyone interested in Qigong, Chinese culture, holistic well-being or the environment!


Fashion Inspired by the legendary Dr Pang Ming

Honouring our most cherished Grandmaster Prof Dr Pang with the collection ˈkəltəˌvāt (樹) – Cultivat

As a seed must be cultivated in order to flourish, so must the body and mind. ˈkəltəˌvāt explores symbolism in Zhineng Qigong and translates it into contemporary art. View the collection here!

Why Print-On-Demand Fashion?

All of our products are "print on demand". This means every product will only be manufactured once you have ordered it. We wanted our store to be more environmentally conscious and with print-on-demand we don't produce any unsold products, only producing what YOU want. Please bear in mind that this also means it is more costly to produce and delivery takes a little longer.

"Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy."

Ken Cohen

"If you want to be healthy and live to a hundred, do Qigong!"

Dr Mehmet Oz

"Mastery of Qi is really achieved through the mastery of consciousness. We use consciousness in a careful, craftsman-like way to shape our life, to attain our goals. This is what we call this Qigong."

Dr Pang Ming



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